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The following are some of the news reports and blog posts relating to the possible canonisation of Chesterton:

Catholic Herald (Francis Phillips), 24 May 2016: Books blog: A common sense introduction to Chesterton

Catholic Herald (Matthew Pittam), 29 October 2015: Five Controversial Saints in the Making

The Atlantic (James Parker), April 2015: A Most Unlikely Saint

Catholic Herald (Catholic News Service), 6 August 2014: Chesterton and St Thérèse were ‘soul twins’, says priest

Catholic Herald (Mark Greaves), 3 March 2014: G K Chesterton ‘breaks mould of conventional holiness’, says Cause investigator

The Times (Mark Greaves), 22 February 2014: Is Chesterton’s life of wit and burgundy worthy of a halo? (only partial access available without subscription to The Times)

Catholic Exchange (Dale Ahlquist), 28 January 2014: Saint GK Chesterton?

World Mag (Janie B. Cheaney), 23 December 2013: Saint Gilbert?

The Tablet (Richard Ingrams), 12 October 2013: More Sinner than saint

Jewish Chronicle (Oliver Kamm), 10 October 2013: Chesterton defence that doesn’t stand up  (print edition of JC: 11 October 2013, page 34)

The Catholic Thing (Michael Coren), 10 October 2013: GKC: Saint, Maybe; Anti-Semite, No

Religion News Service (Trevor Grundy), 27 September 2013: Saint G.K. Chesterton? Some delight, others worry about effort to canonize writer

Jewish Chronicle (Charlotte Oliver), 25 September 2013: Catholic Church probes Chesterton sainthood bid (print edition of JC: 27 Sept. 2013, page 2)

The Times (Ruth Gledhill), 24 September 2013: Row over sainthood for G. K. Chesterton  (only partial access available without subscription to The Times)

Jewish Chronicle (Geoffrey Alderman), 18 September 2013: Can this Jew-hater G. K. Chesterton be a saint? (print edition of JC: 20 Sept. 2013, page 25)

National Catholic Register (James Kelly and Kevin Jones), 8 September 2013: Sainthood on the Horizon for G.K. Chesterton?

The BBC, 5 September 2013: Should G K Chesterton be a saint?

The Evening Standard, 5 September 2013: GK Chesterton needs more backers if he’s to be a saint

Jewish Chronicle (Oliver Kamm), 29 August 2013: G. K. Chesterton: a writer unfit to be a saint  (print edition of JC: 30 Aug. 2013, page 44)

The Independent (Oscar Quine), 26 August 2013: Saint GK Chesterton? Bishop begins preliminary tests for canonisation of writer

The Spectator (Melanie McDonagh), 24 August 2013: Why G.K. Chesterton shouldn’t be made a saint

ZENIT, 21 August 2013: Chesterton’s Cause for Sainthood: Investigation Gets Underway

Catholic Herald (Francis Phillips), 19 August 2013: I hope Chesterton is canonised and made a new patron saint of journalists

The Telegraph (Christopher Howse), 16 August 2013: Sacred Mysteries: Is G K Chesterton to be made a saint?

Catholic News Agency (Kevin Jones), 8 August 2013: Possible sainthood cause for Chesterton sparks excitement

Catholic Herald (William Oddie), 7 August 2013: Chesterton’s Cause has not yet been officially opened: but this is surely the beginning of the end of many years of prayer for that day to come