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Select Presentations (Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Public Lectures)

European Association for Jewish Studies, 11th Congress, Kraków, 15-19 July 2018: ‘Notions of Jewish “Power” in the Discourse of the Catholic Guild of Israel ‘

British Association for Jewish Studies Conference, University of Birmingham, 10-12 July 2016: ‘Merely Murdered in Odium Fidei: Herbert Thurston’s “Defence” of the Jews, 1898-1913’

Parkes Institute for the Study of Jewish/non-Jewish Relations Jubilee Conference, University of Southampton, 7 September 2015: ‘Representations of “the Jew” in English Catholic newspapers during the second half of the nineteenth century’

British Association for Jewish Studies Conference, University of Manchester, 7-8 July 2015: ‘Representations of “the Jew” in the Bible Commentaries and Sermons of the Methodist theologian Adam Clarke, 1762-1832’

World Conference on Fraternalism, Freemasonry and History, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris, 29-30 May 2015: ‘Dudley Wright: His Early “Truth-Seeking” Years’ [Link to paper]

European Association for Jewish Studies, 10th Congress, Paris, 20-24 July 2014: ‘Myths and Stereotypes of “the Jew” in English Catholic Discourses, 1850-1929′

British Association for Jewish Studies Conference, University of Kent, 7-9 July 2013: ‘Jewish Identity According to the Catholic Guild of Israel’

The Interdisciplinary Research Group Freemasonry, doctoral students study day on the history of European Freemasonry, 27 March 2013: ‘From Masonic Author and “Righteous Gentile” to Catholic Evangelist: An Examination of the Protean Discourse of Dudley Wright’ [Link to paper]

Eighteenth Joint Postgraduate Religions and Theology Conference, University of Bristol, 8-9 March 2013: ‘Happiness in Hell: A Controversy in English Catholic Discourse, 1892-1893’ [Link to paper]

Catholic Records Society Conference, Liverpool, 25-28 July 2011: ‘Cardinal Manning and the Prophecy of the Jewish Antichrist’

Ethnicity, Race and Racism Research Seminar, Edge Hill University, 23 June 2011: ‘“Murdered in Odium Fidei”: A Case Study in Jewish-Catholic Relations in England’

Jewish Historical Society of England (Manchester), Public Lecture at the Manchester Jewish Museum, 19 June 2011: ‘G. K. Chesterton and the Phenomenon of English Catholic Antisemitism’

Religions and Theology Departmental Research Seminar, University of Manchester, 18 November 2010: ‘G.K. Chesterton and the Jews’

European Association for Jewish Studies, 9th Congress, Ravenna, 25-29 July 2010: ‘The Anglo-Jewish Press and the Church of Rome, 1900-1922’

Max and Hilde Kochmann Workshop, Centre for German-Jewish Studies, University of Sussex, 13-16 July 2010: ‘The Jewish Chronicle’s discourse about Catholics, 1890-1922’