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Twelfth EAJS Congress: “Branching Out. Diversity of Jewish Studies”

Twelfth EAJS Congress. “Branching Out. Diversity of Jewish Studies”. Frankfurt. July 2023.

“Jewish Studies” is a multi-disciplinary field that brings together scholars, topics and methods from across many academic disciplines. Additionally, Jewish Studies scholars are often involved in multi-disciplinary networks, cooperating and communicating with colleagues from a wide variety of fields. At the same time, research into Jewish history, culture, languages and the like is not limited to Jewish Studies departments, creating yet wider networks and even greater diversity. The twelfth EAJS congress, “Branching Out. Diversity of Jewish Studies”, taking place in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) on 16-20 July 2023, will showcase the diversity that is an integral part of Jewish Studies: research topics that range from the Bible and ancient history to contemporary Jewish thought and culture, a multitude of different sources from all over the world, methods and approaches from archaeology to digital humanities, and a vast array of interdisciplinary networks and research approaches. Scholars of Jewish Studies from Europe and beyond are invited to propose papers and sessions.

The following are links to various announcements for the 12th EAJS Congress:

Call for Papers (Abstracts/Sessions) – Deadline 31 December (23:59 GMT+1): https://www.eurojewishstudies.org/calls-for-papers/call-for-papers-twelfth-eajs-congress/

EAJS Emerge (forum for PhDs and emerging scholars) – Deadline 31 December (23:59 GMT+1): https://www.eurojewishstudies.org/calls-for-papers/twelfth-eajs-congress-16-20-july-2023-eajs-emerge-call-for-applications-deadline-31-december-2022/

Distinguished Panels for the Congress – Deadline 15 Jan 2023: https://www.eurojewishstudies.org/calls-for-papers/call-for-submissions-distinguished-eajs-panel-and-distinguished-eajs-graduate-student-panel-deadline-15-january-2023/